Of all the photographs taken of our group, none of them contained the entire crew. The one that was chosen to hang in the crew lounge, amongst the past crew photos, was missing two people, me included! That photograph was taken by Rob Swett, Carpenter/Construction Coordinator. What most had forgotten, was that he took an earlier photograph of the entire crew outside the dome. It didn't turn out quite to his liking due to the extreme environment, a little blurry and dark. He tossed the developed photo into the darkroom trash can, and the crew got together at a later date, inside the new upstairs lounge, to have a clearer photo taken. With Rob's blessings, I rescued the old photograph from the certain doom (namely one of the big recycle bins) and kept it for posterity.

So after some years, the acquisition of technology (a computer), and a decent graphics program, I've decided to try my hand at fixing up that "lost" photo of us. And, since I love challenges, I also managed to identify the almost unidentifiable individuals in the picture! LOL! If you're in the group, and you know you're not the one that is being indicated, I appologize! My eyesight isn't so good these days. ;o)

Image crewshot
Image polecrew

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